What's on the Menu? Food Trends for 2023 with EIT Foods "The Food Fight Podcast"

Matt at the Food Fight Podcast joins Ed Bergen (Senior Analyst for Food & Nutrition at FutureBridge) and Sam Newman (Senior Enterprise Account Executive and ‘Chief Cheese Officer’ at Tastewise) in looking back on the past year to predict the trends we can expect to see in our food system throughout 2023 and beyond.
Our very own Sam Newman recently joined our friends at The Food Fight Podcast, hosted by EIT Food, to talk about all things food trends in 2023. Special thanks to Matt and Ed for a fascinating conversation!

There are many reasons to be positive about food going into 2023, including increased global alignment on meeting sustainability goals, a continuing focus on healthier diets, and the opportunity for activists, entrepreneurs and innovators to make their mark on the food system.

As consumers face increasingly tightening budgets, they are looking to make savvy savings. This presents a great opportunity for Long Life Foods, especially alternative protein, dairy and seafood options. Still, we need to actively prioritise the message that ‘clean’ food automatically excludes anything that is processed.

As we look to the future of our food systems, the technology we use in other sectors could be utilised to transform the food system. For example, the technology used by NASA to grow crops in space could be used to help us to grow food in harsh environments, increasing our resilience to extreme weather events and climate change.

Find the original episode here. If you'd like to learn more about Tastewise's view on the future of food and beverage trends in 2023, check out our full trend report
What's on the Menu? Food Trends for 2023 with EIT Foods "The Food Fight Podcast"
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